Han Ga-in actor today (13 days)

“Hangain gave birth to a healthy boy in Seoul city center around 2:00 pm on May 13th,” said Han Gain, agent of BH Entertainment on 13th.

Han Gain and Jeong Hoon Hoon married in April 2005 and got their first daughter in April 2016.

Han Gain is devoted to child care after the OCN drama ‘Mistress’ last year, and Yeon Jung Hoon is actively performing in OCN ‘Bing’, which last April.

Hi, Mr. Hanjin is BH Entertainment.

I am happy to tell you that a new family has been born to a Korean actress.

The Hanjin actor gave birth to a healthy boy on May 13th at around 2:00 pm in Seoul, and both mothers and children are now healthy and recovering from the stability and recovery.

Thank you very much for your kind words.

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