SBS wolhwa Jung Il-woo new span is rich in drama “Hatch” – Kim Kap-soo will evoke curiosity gotta chat face-to capture the look of a cool gaze.

SBS TV drama ‘Hatch’ can not be a king Prisoner of the Yeonyeong-gun (Chung Ilwoo) is in charge of Damon Jae-jae (Goa-raun) Minute), a pleasant adventure story, an exciting success story. It is an ambitious work by Kim Yi-young’s author in 2019. It is scheduled to show the authentic historical drama ‘Believing in the 2019 type’ in earnest in the Joseon Dynasty and the youth of Youngjo.

Jeong Il-woo plays the prince of the problematic prince “Yeonyeong-gun” which can not be a king, and Kim Kwang-soo plays Jeong Il-woo’s father and Chosun’s king Sukjong. Meanwhile, the ‘Hatch’ side unveils photos of Jeong Il-woo and Kim Kwang-soo, which are not like their sons and daughters, on December 10. The coldness of Kim Kwang-soo, who does not seem to admit Chung Il-woo, who was born in the body of a rabble-free soul, as his son, freezes the hearts of viewers.

The published stills Jung Il-woo and Kim Kap-soo are not approaching each other. Jeong Il-woo, son of Yeon-hyun, looks as if he is nervous while looking at his father, and his father, Sukjong Kim, is looking at his son with a cold-faced expression as if he does not have the affection of a toll. I feel the distance between rich people who will never be narrowed down.

The steal was the scene where Jeong Il Woo and Kim Kwang Su encountered at the hunting ground by chance. Jeong Il-woo has left the throne in front of his confrontation with Jeong Mun-sung (Myeongwoon-gun Lee), and he makes his conversation cooler in anger-like manner. Moreover, Chung Il Woo is also sending cold eyes to his father and Kim Kwang-soo, and it is clear that these rich relationships are on the plate. So what is happening between Kim and Kim Jae-woo is the interest of the relationship between the two.

The production team of SBS ‘Hatch’ said, “Chung Il-woo and Kim Kwang-soo are going to make a central axis of tension in the pole due to the rich relationship that is far from the others.” The charismatic confrontation of Kim Sung-soo, the president of the historical drama, and Jeong Il-woo, the prince of the dramatic drama, will give viewers plenty of spectacles. ”

n the SBS drama ‘Hatch’, Goa is a talented person who is skilled in various aspects such as disassembled appearance, martial arts, investigation, Unlike the slim appearance, I will capture viewers with the ‘Chosun Pang Girl Crush’, which has a persistent temperament and a rigid temper that does not get wet once.

In addition to the charismatic action, which is full of pachislot and pullover, such as “hatch” teaser video and steel cut, which was released in front of the broadcast, the orchestra, which has shown colorfulness before the broadcast, has attracted attention with its freshness and anticipation.

Especially, it has been changing in various genres such as ‘Let’s Answer’ 1994, ‘You Are Surrounded’, ‘Art Gallery’, ‘Black’, and other recent works ‘Miss Hammurabi’ in various genres such as romance, thriller, genre, action, No matter how aggressive the support of the old age group, the orator has once again met with the “Sado” in the dramatic drama and has already begun to show some synergy.

It is noteworthy how Koara, who is unique and naturally digesting any character and widening his acting spectrum, crosses various genres and applies his own color to the ‘character’ character. On the other hand, the appearance of Goa who transformed into a “hairy”

The new SBS monthly drama ‘Hatch’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on Monday, February 11th.

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