Choi Min-hwan of FT Island, a group of sportsmen in Seoul,

Choi Min-hwan, Choi Min-hwan, and Yoo-hee Yoo went out in the 2019 KBO league Hanhwa and LG’s match at the Eagles Park in Taejon, Korea.

But Choi Min-hwan was controversial while playing with his child. In the city process, Choi Minhwan hurried to throw the ball quickly, and the image of the child’s neck hung in his arms was caught in the video.

The images posted by Hanwha quickly spread through the online community. The netizens are raising the voice of criticism to Choi Min-hwan, saying, “Children are sensitive to their necks, which could lead to accidents.”

It does not mean that there was no entertainer in the city with a child. Lee, Hye Jae, and Shu were holding the child, but they threw the ball to minimize the movement so that it would not affect the child. Of course, there was no controversy.

On the other hand, Hanhwa deleted the video when the controversy increased.

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