Actress Song Jung-ki (34) received a divorce mediation application against her spouse Song Hye-kyo (37).

On August 26, Song Jung-ki, a lawyer, said, “I filed a divorce mediation application to Seoul Family Court on August 26 to represent Song Jung-ki.”

Song Jung-ki, a lawyer, said, “I am sorry to tell you that I have bad news for many people who love me and care for me.” I said, “I am now in the process of adjusting for a divorce with Song Hye Kyo.”

“I hope that both of them will finish the divorce process smoothly rather than criticize each other.” I ask for your understanding that I can not tell you one story about privacy, As an actor, I will do my best in my work and I will return it as a good work. ”

Song Hae-gyo’s agency UAA Korea also said, “I feel sad that I will be greeted with bad news first.” “Currently, our actor Song Hye-kyo is in the process of divorce after careful troubles with her husband.”

“The reason for the difference in personality, the two sides can not overcome the difference between the two forced to make this decision. I ask for your understanding in detail because I can not confirm other specific contents because it is the private life of both actors. I would also like to ask you to refrain from irritating reports and speculative comments for each other. ”

Song Jung-ki and Song Hye-kyo have appeared in KBS2’s “Dawn of the Sun” in 2016 and have developed into lovers. He then married in October 2017. However, after a year and eight months, he was virtually disbanded.

On the other hand, Song Jung Gi is appearing on tvN ‘Astdal Chronicles’. It is anticipated that it will not interfere with current broadcasting by pre-production. Since then, the film “Victory Ho” is also ahead. On the other hand, Song Hye – kyo is studying his next work after the end of tvN ‘Boyfriend’.

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