“Oh, oh-oh” actor Shim Eun-ha starring drama ‘M’ is 26 years old Lee It is booted.

As a result of the coverage on the 4th Star News, the drama production company Super Moon Pictures recently concluded a format contract with the writer Lee Hong – gu of the original ‘M’ and entered the production of ‘M’ reboot in earnest. The gauze is ‘M2020’.

In addition to the theme of ‘Abuse of Ethics’, ‘M’, which was broadcasted in MBC in 1994 as a 10-volume special feature mini series, collected a big topic by special effect represented by the green eyes of heroine Park / Kim Joo Lee. At the time, the highest audience rating was 50% and the average rating was 38.6%. Shim Eun-ha, who made his debut in 1993, was ranked as a star in MBC’s ‘Last Game’ and ‘M’ in 1994.

Shim Eunha’s green eyes and evil M’s voice remained in memory of drama fans even 26 years later. In 2005, MBC tried to make ‘M2’ but it was lost. Super Moon Pictures is scheduled to enter production in 2020 after finishing the casting of ‘M’ Riboot artist and casting heroine. The author of the original ‘M’, Lee Hong-koo, participates in the creator of ‘M’ Riboot.

Super Moon Pictures’ new inhabitant, Star News, said, “We plan to reinterpret the original version of ‘M’ in accordance with the current era,” said the actress. “The heroine who can do the second planting is a mysterious actress Casting. ” The broadcast channel is still undecided.

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