Police in Seoul Bangbae police said on the 6th that they sent the representative director A (48) and the office clerk (48) to the prosecution for fraud. A is under arrest in court for another fraud case during the investigation, and Mr. B is in detention, Yonhap News said.

Mr. A is accused of intercepting about 500 million won for his child to be shown in movies, dramas and commercials against parents who are seeking child actors from October 2016 to June 2018.

After being divorced, they worked together as a business partner and set up a company in Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, and targeted their children aspiring parents.

They approached the victims, saying, “Your child is cast as an advertising actor and you should attend an audition.”

They delayed appearing on the show, saying, “I am sick, but I do not have a lot of acting skills,” and told them that they would sign a contract with their own company and give it to me if they took acting classes.

In return, he received a tuition fee of about 3 million to 30 million won and demanded to pay 24 million won a year for the tuition fee.

In the same way, Kindergarten, elementary school students, middle school students and aspiring actors of 15 children, from less than 3 million won to a maximum of 7000 million won.

A long-term acting class and high-cost tuition fees did not make it to the public, so a victim suspected of fraud sued them in August 2018, and the police were caught in the end.

Police are investigating the corruption charges, saying that they have at least three more establishments beforehand and that they have been deceived by their parents seeking child actors. They turned out to shut down the agency when they tried to crack down and reopened as a different company.

The victims were not able to report properly to the police because they worried that they would be disadvantaged in preparing their debut.

A Se-dang has been admitted to have received a large amount of tuition fees from the police investigation but said he has tried to keep his promise to appear on television.

A police official said, “If you ask for a large amount of tuition fees on condition of a movie, drama, advertisement, etc., you should pay special attention to it because it may be illegal business days of a typical school-type agency.”

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