SmileTransform Challenge”Kangbyeon “Level Up” reveals the reason why I was attracted to the vegetable station.

The drama and MBN new drama ‘Level Up’ (directed by Kim Sang-woo / drama Kim Dong-gyu / produced iHQ), which is scheduled to be broadcasted on July 10th, will take place with the restructuring specialist Andante (Seong- Yeonhwa is a romantic comedy drama struggling to launch a new game to save a busted game company. In the play, the lecturer will take on the role of a professional urban woman, who is representative of Arena Entertainment, which was revived by Andante.

In the single character poster that was released today (13th), she showed a perfect smell of her pear vegetables because she has a warm smiling smile on his face. Kangbyeon said, “I felt more like a character I have never encountered before. “I wanted to challenge my mature smoky transformation, but I had a good chance to show off my youthful and spirited appearance.”

“In fact, the pear vegetables and I am the opposite character. But that’s why I felt I wanted to know more and liked more. I do my best for both work and love, and do not stop straight ahead, the pear vegetables are attractive and cool even if they look the same, “he said.

The pear greens together with Andante, who understand his mind and feel the emotions of love, form a triangle romance with new softening. I am expecting and questioning what kind of appearance the ‘straight woman’ pear vegetables that the lecturer will act in her own color indeed.

On the other hand, DRAWMAX and MBN ‘s new tree drama’ Level Up ‘are scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 10 at 11:00 pm.

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