Lane Woo is transformed into a new member of society from ‘level up’

The drama and MBN new drama ‘Level Up’, which is about to be broadcasted on July 10th, will be a new rescue game company that will be restructured by the restructuring specialist Andante (Seonghun) It is a romantic comedy drama struggling to launch.

Lane crying is divided by Kwak, Han Cheol, a new recruit of Yuseong CRC, a restructuring specialist. After several different part-time job, he met Andante and Shin-Hyun, who was stimulated by life. He came to Seoul to find a dream and finally succeeded in finding a job at Yoo Sung CRC.

In particular, Kwak Han-cheol develops a sense of love for new softening and creates a strange rivalry between Anandte and tension. He is a strange and uncomfortable person, and he admires Anandte, the head of the Ace general manager who has no one-sided error. At the same time, he feels jealousy and rivalry as a man-to-man between the new softening periods and ignites the triangle.

In addition, he will show the fullness of looking at the back of the uncomfortable Shinhwa, and will capture the hearts of viewers in the house theater. I am looking forward to the transformation of the act of Cha Sun Woo, who will show two charms with the appearance of a pure jean who shows a cute jealousy to win a new office worker and a favorite woman.

The romantic comedy drama ‘Level Up’ will be broadcasted at 11:00 pm on Wednesday, July 10th, as it shows young people who are following dreams and love and struggling to save the company.

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