According to a broadcasting official on December 12, Shin Won-ho PD depicts humanism in which doctors and patients struggle for life against the backdrop of a hospital emergency room. Audition for actors is ongoing in November with the aim of broadcasting in November. It is reunited in four years with the author of “Reply to the Question of 1988” by Lee Woo Jung, and it is gathering more topics.

As information about new works by Shin Won-ho PD is released a little bit, expectation of inside and outside broadcasting companies is getting higher. The new PD has been attracting attention as a unique technique and technique that the directors have not tried. He responded by saying, ‘Respond, 1997’ (2012), ‘Answer me in 1994’ (2013) and ‘Answer me in 1988’ (2015) And the guards. The new work will also focus on people’s relationships, not just medical drama, but in the background of a hospital emergency room.

In the management industry, the move of the new PD is also a concern. An official said, “There are 200 actors who have seen the audition of this new work.” Shin PD secretly proceeded to produce ‘Respond’ series and ‘Wise Bambling Life’ after the success of ‘Reply 1997’. I did not make a synopsis to introduce the drama plot or characters, and the actors participated in the casting audition in the ‘defenseless’ state. This new work is also proceeding steadily blocking the outside access.

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