Lee Hye-ja and actress Kim Ji-min appeared in the drama ‘Snowy breeze’ poster.

The drama house of the drama showed the main poster of the JTBC new drama ‘Snowy bush’ (In Nam Gyu Kim / Soo Jin Kim / Directed by Kim Seok-yoon) on February 21, followed by ‘Clean up once hot’.

Kim Hye-ja and Han Ji-min in the posters are shaking their hands with a warm smile at the alley entrance.

The phrase “there is no day in which you can not see any day” stands out.

‘Dazzling’ is a drama depicting the romance of Hyeja (Han Ji Min, Kim Hyeja) who can not finish the given time, and the time lost romance of Lee Jun Hee (Nam Ju Jo Hyuk) who throws himself a brilliant moment and lives a helpless life.

Kim Hye-ja and Han Ji-min will have the ability to turn back time, but they will play the role of Haeja who is trapped in the tangled time and present a two-person station.

The company said, “I will talk about twenty-five youths who lost their fair share of time, and about the time they flowed meaninglessly through the seventies who have a soul in their 20s and the preciousness that they have naturally enjoyed.” ” “He said.

“Dazzling” will be broadcasted at 9:30 pm on February 11th.

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