Park MBC is discussing changing the time schedule for the monthly series of trees and trees, which is being broadcasted at 10 pm.
“It is true that the decision has come to an end but there is no final decision, and it will be decided by the beginning of May at the latest,” the MBC said on the 25th.

MBC said, “We have been implementing management innovation measures since the reorganization of the organization in November, such as retirement of the organization, this year is continuing, the news desk is changed, and the 7:30 pm movement is extraordinary in terrestrial broadcasting. And other steps to study management innovation measures.”

It is called “the kingdom of drama” and is threatened with MBC which has poured many hits and recently cable and comprehensive programming channels such as JTBC, tvN. Other terrestrial channels are similar. Interest in terrestrial dramas has fallen more than in the past, and interest in how MBC’s actions will affect it attracts attention.

MBC side said the entry “Verifying” for wolhwa drama programming Press 9:00.

MBC drama headquarters reported on the 25th that MBC drama and tree drama decided to go through massive movement of the drama through the meeting of the general director at this morning.

According to the media, the MBC wall drama and the drama drama, which was broadcast at 10 pm, will be broadcasted one hour before the 9 o’clock night. MBC officials said OSEN “is currently confirming” position.

If the MBC changes the nighttime drama time zone to 9 pm, it will have a big impact on the terrestrial broadcasting system.

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