mediums in China have to learn Khmer, the ‘Ring bulhwaseol “of Song Joong-gi couple I mentioned it again.

On April 4, China Sina Entertainment announced a photo of capturing a scene of the “Astral Chronicles” scenario reading, and Song Ji-kee was wearing a wedding ring.

On the 5th, Sinai Entertainment took a picture of Song Hye Kyo returning from Incheon International Airport after her vacation. The media reported again that Song Hye-kyo’s wedding ring could not be seen on his fingers.

Previously, many media outlets in China have recently frowned upon the fans’ disgust with the dismissal and dissolution that Song Hye Kyo simply did not wear a wedding ring. Two people, who are parties to the divorce, have dismissed it as “irrelevant,

On the other hand, both companies have not responded to such an article. Song Hye-gyo and Song Jung-ki describe each other in various official statues and express no abnormality in love affairs.

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