On the 25th, SBS ‘Special Feature of the’ Hot-blooded Priest – We Came to the Sky ‘, we have delved into a hotly loved drama’

At the request of viewers shouting Season 2 of the “Hot Horse Priest” on this day, MC Ganghodong asked about the possibility of making next season. Director Lee Myung-woo laughed out a sincere reply saying, “If you watch the feature broadcast until today, you can hear the answer.”

Kim Nam-gil said, “I seem to meet every time I am good with Kang Ho Dong.” Kim Nam-gil said, “After MBC ‘Seondeok King’, he met with ‘Kneepedong Master’ a few hours before joining the army.

Kang Ho-dong appealed to him, saying, “When energy is the best, is it good?” And he said, “Well, I should meet him often.”

“I had a good time to play with Kim Hyung-mook,” said Kim Hyung-mook, but he smiled, saying, “My face is big and my face is small, I did not want to be near Kim Nam-gil.”

After seeing the video, he said, “I did not know what to do next time.” Kang Ho-dong pointed out, “You should have left an adequate amount of energy for the specials.” He said, “I am not such a style.”

Kim Nam-gil also said, “I thought that the priests would feel uncomfortable, but I asked the priest and said,” Thank you for telling me that it is not a problem because of the righteous fire for justice. ”

The enthusiasm of Paek Ji-won was also great. “I heard a lot of Hollywood actor Sandra Oh,” he said. “I heard a lot of people resembling DJ DOC.

Kim Hyung-mook was a voice actor who was a voice actor. Kim Hyeong – mook revealed his CFs and Kim Nam – gil, who listened to them, admired “Wow” when hearing the voice in the bedclothes, but when he heard the other advertisement he said “I do not know” and laughed.

In addition, Jung Young-joo surprised all the ambassadors he had recorded, such as “Winter Kingdom,” “Moana,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “I did a lot of Walt Disney dubbing. I watched it once. ”

On this day, I also talked about the parody scene that appeared in. Particularly, in ‘Rising Priests’, many parodies of movies, dramas, and other scenes appeared and laughed at viewers.

Lee Myung-woo said, “It took 2 months to shoot Kim Sung-gyun’s nosebleed scene. I wanted to take a good shot at the pair-coptering scene, but there was a difficulty with its own slowness due to differences in technology and capital.” .

In addition, compliments about Kim Nam-il’s action appeared without missing. Kim Sung-gyun and his wife, “Kim Nam-gil has a long limb, so the action is cool and cool, and I know he is beautiful,” he added.

The praise of continued action towards Kim Nam-gil followed, and Kim Nam-gil eventually surprised everyone with a demonstration of a real-life class return.

I also saw the beautiful pride of Gojun. Kim Sung-gyun said, “Gojun’s brother is funny and his pride is on his side.” One day, Gojun came and said, “I suddenly caught a shot of kickboxing suddenly and I boasted that I could not kick kick.”

Kim Jung – gil said, “We have to follow the breath of the high class,” and Kim Nam – gil said, “We also record it and follow it.”

So Gojun said, “I have to explain, I learned Muay Thai, but then I also tell you the sound of breathing. It was” I’m going to do it. ” Kim Nam-gil grabbed the neck of the flower and said, “Do not let me do this.”

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