Members of the group BtoB fostered the cover of First Look 178.

pictorial freshening jar sprang up a series of old-style chewing gum perfectly under the hot sun, perfecting a variety of summer styling with a summer atmosphere. The artisan of the picture was suited to the modifier, and his charm was fully absorbed by the witty pose and expression that evoke the excitement at every cut.

In the interview following the photo shoot, Kwon Sang-jae commented on the web art that he designed and created in person, “Six of the younger actors of the same age, Young-min of Gu Boyfriend, Min-woo Rin, ‘S. So the program name is ‘Pretty 95’. I made it. When I was twenty years old, I had a lot of fun for five years, but at some point I wanted to try something new. We often talked about ‘what if we make a broadcast of what we play’, but I decided to move on to it. I have never played a folk and an actress in the past, so I can show you my strange appearance. I will show the boys of this age group playing together, bright and funny. ”

About the summer vacation plan, “Will not you spend time playing with your friends at home? Ah. No matter how hot it is, I will go fishing. A few days ago I bought something like a veil that blocked my face and I did not want to get into the sun. The original skin was white, and the fans were worried about it. I’ll try not to get on as much as possible. ”

and this summer is going to spend while shooting hard without planning another activity committed by focusing moments, fun and exciting, said it would send a hot summer.

The refreshing summer photos and interviews can be found at First Look 178.

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