The actress Baek Jin-hee is proposing and reviewing the heroine of the KBS 2TV new drama ‘It’s good to die’.

On Jan. 31, Baek Jin-hee, an agent of J-Wide Company, said to OSEN, “Baek Jin-hee is being proposed and under consideration as the main actor of the actress who is good at dying.”

The drama is based on the following webtoon, which is a drama about ‘I’m Like Dead’. It deals with the story of Baek Jin-hee and the director of Ilda. Kang Ji-hwan is in the process of reviewing the report.

As soon as Baek Jin-hee finishes the TVN ‘Let’s eat 3’, I was offered to review and ‘It’s good to die’. ‘

31st TV report coverage result Baek Jin-hee was cast in KBS2 new tree drama ‘It’s good to die’ and the main actor Ilda.

The work based on the following “Webtoon is good to die”. A vicious boss rejoicing through a time leaf. Mr. Ilda ‘s senior manager in the US. I dealt with the strange case between the two. Currently, Kang Ji-hwan is considering the appearance of director Baek Jin-sang.

Baek Jin-hee, who showed a stable acting ability by acting as a professional postman Yoo Yun-Yong at KBS2 ‘Jugglers’ which started at the beginning of this year, decided TVN’ Expectations are gathering what kind of acting transformation it will show through the station.

‘It’s good to die’ is scheduled to be broadcast in November.

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