The TVN new Saturday drama ‘Asdal Chronicles’, which will be broadcast in June, contains the fateful stories of the heroes who write different legends in the ancient land ‘As’.

Jang Dong Gun plays the role of Tagon, the son of the Saigyang chief, one of the Asmal tribes in the play. After about a year and a year, Jang Dong-geon, who once again sits in the main house, is expected to create a strong and heavy charisma that will create tension and inspire tension.

In connection with this, Jang Dong-geun focuses attention on the appearance of a brave warrior who looks down on the top of a mountain with a vast mountain range at a glance. The eyes are shining with sharp eyes, but the expression does not reveal the emotions, and the gaze is fixed to the long distance for a long time. Jang Dong-geun showed a confident smiling smile on his face and showed Tarongman’s aura.

In addition, she showed an unbelievable visual that charisma can be felt by only viewing. Armor made of leather and fur, and metal ornaments to create unusual aura, creating a curiosity.

Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon, who wrote “The Astral Chronicles,” commented on Taegon that Jang Dong-geon was in charge of, “He is a person who does not react unlike Eunsam, “I have a huge knife in my heart, but I have hidden the knife deeply, and sometimes it is an empty smile that sometimes does not react with expressionlessness and endures with patience.”

“It is not only for his survival but also for the survival of many others,” he said. “It is your self that you are afraid of, and please see how that patience ends.” He added.

In the “Astral Chronicle”, the two writers are “the most compassionate character, but at the same time the most overwhelmingly dangerous person”, and “Jang Dong-geun perfectly expresses the deep, I did not spare praise. “I am looking forward to seeing the real weapon of the actor Jang Dong-gun who is obscured by the excellent appearance and meet the character named Tagon,” he said. “In Jang Dong-gun’s part, always appears tension. I know you can see it. ”

The production crew said, “From the first appearance, Jang Dong-gun has raised the anticipation by demonstrating the dignity and relaxation of the Tarong character.” “I would like Jang Dong-geon to challenge Jang Dong-geon, who has never met her with a cold smile and confident smile.” .

On the other hand, ‘Astral Chronicle’ will be broadcast first in June following ‘confession’.

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