Jung Ah-hyeon intern reporter ‘Dang, one love’ Kim Myong-su and Dong-gun meet.

KBS 2TV drama ‘Dang, One Love’ is an angel who chooses love with human rather than God. One of them, Jiwangwoo (Donggun min), lives 15 years in suffering like hell in return. Another angel (Kim Myung-soo) is continuing his love with Lee Yeon-seo (Shin Hye-seon), determined to die.

On the last 26 days, Dan learned that the rain was an angel. The fact that an angel can become a man gave Dahn a dream. This has led to the hope that Dahn could be next to her. On the 27th, ‘Dang, One Love’ side revealed the imminent appearance of Dan who met the rain.

In the open photos, Dan and Jiwoo are talking in an unconventional atmosphere. Dahn sits in front of the rain with a hard look. Unlike a desperate monk, Jiwangu looks at the altar with his cynical eyes and attracts attention. The two men with conflicting expressions form a tight tension, and they are preaching a better conversation than ever before.

On the 27th, Dan visits the rainfall and asks how the angel can become human. The mystery of the celestial world that the rain has thrown, like laughing at this sweet love, prominently affects Dan. How will the meeting of the short-term rainfall like the time bomb affect the pole?

Prior to that, the rain showed hatred toward God and showed a sharp emotion toward Dan. He saw Dan as an angry look, and he reacted sensitively. The reason is that the rainfall builds so much thorns on Dan, and the reason why he worries about it is added to the curiosity about this broadcast.

‘Dah, one love’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm.

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