The TVN New Moonwha drama ‘Abys’ scheduled to be broadcasted in the first half of 2019 is a fantasy drama in which two men and women who suddenly die are resurrected with a reverse visual different from the previous one through the Abyss of Soul Resurrection Beads. In the meantime, Park Bo-young – Ahn Hyo-seop is meeting with her, and it is already stimulating curiosity by foreshawing the “Kemi” of a soul-resurrecting couples that will exceed all imagination.

Park Booyoung played the role of ‘Ko Se-yeon’, a resurrected lawyer in the Central Prosecutors ‘Office of the Special Prosecutors’ Office. Ko Se-yeon is a goddess of the Central Prosecutor’s Office, a pride of the special prosecutor, a wonder woman of the legal system along with a spectacular visual of Korea, and a person who lived his life like a sports car placed on an autobahn. However, as she lost her life in an unexpected accident, she was resurrected with an entirely different face by Abyss.

Park Boo-young has filmed ‘The wedding of my wife’, ‘It sounds like a passion’, ‘Werewolf’, ‘Speed ​​scandal’, as well as drama ‘ Interested Queen. In particular, the reunion of director Park Bo-young and Yu-jae Won, who invited ‘Ona ear Syndrome’ to the movie theater in 2015, attracts attention. With the synergy that will be shown in the ‘Abys’ in two years after the reunion in four years, expectations for the transformation of Park Bo-young’s delayed performance are amplified.

In the meantime, Ahn Hyo – seop confirmed the casting role in ‘Chinmin’, which revives the dead soul of the highly trained (Park Bo – young). Ahn Hyo-seop, who has been awarded the best actor award for ‘2018 SBS Actress’ as a previous work ‘Thirty Thousand Seventeen’, has suddenly become a ‘super rookie’.

Ahn Hyo-seop took the role of “Chinmin”, who was reincarnated as the head of the Law of the Imperial Law of the Republic of Korea in the Korean cosmetics industry. I have never missed the first prize in elementary and junior high school, but I am practicing Noblesse Oblige personally, but the sub 1% Visual is the only blot of life. As he gets the “Abyss”, a ball that resurrects dead creatures to the shape of a soul, he has already been told that he will live the life of the top 1% visuals that he has not experienced before.

In addition, Park, Bo-young and An-Hyo-seop’s first acting breath is causing a hot interest. Each of these works will be synergistic with the two souls who have boasted their own unique charms. As they become entangled with the Abyss, they will heighten the interest of viewers.

“Abyss” production team, “Pak Bo Young-Ahn Hyo-seop casting confirmed the casting,” he said, “the characters and the character of two people synchro rate is good, the expectation is high inside. “I would like to ask for much expectation and interest in the drama ‘Abyss’ to show Kim Ki-young, who is believing, and Park Bo-young, and ‘Super Rookie’ Ahn Hyo-Sub.

Meanwhile, ‘Abys’ will be broadcast in the first half of 2019.

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