JTBC new entertainment program, ‘Traveler’ is broadcast in the first half of 2019.

‘Traveler’ is a program where two stars who are backpackers travel for ‘me’. Without the interference of the production crew, the traveler himself goes back to the life of a ‘youthful’ backpacker traveler, not just the life of a star, adventuring and enjoying every moment of travel.

‘Traveler’ is a program created by a team of travel experts. Cho Seung-wook, director of ‘Hiden Singer’ and ‘Phantom Singer’, JTBC’s representative performing arts programs, choreographed Choi Chang-soo of ‘Knowing Brother’. Choi Chang-Soo PD is a travel expert who traveled across Eurasia and published a photo essay ‘District Photo Shop’. He also travels to more than 30 countries for 718 days and is accompanied by Kim Sang-ji, a senior writer who has published his travel essay, “Thirty,

After confirming Ryu Jun Yeol as a cast member earlier, Lee Je Hoon has joined as well.

Actor Ryu Joon-yeol was confirmed as a young star to be with ‘Traveler’ in advance, and actor Ji-hoon joins here and travels backpacking together. Lee Ji-hoon is an actress who shows authentic performances through various works such as drama ‘Signal’, ‘Tomorrow with you’, movie ‘Introduction to Architecture’, ‘Park Park’ and ‘Eye Can Speak’.

JTBC ‘Traveler’ will be released for the first time in 2019.

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