Actor Kim Yoo-jung confirmed the appearance of the movie ‘The 8th Night’ (director Kim Tae-hyeong).

The movie “The 8th Night”, a crank-cast movie on the 19th, is a mystery thriller depicting the struggle of people against “it” released from the seal. I paint mysteriously. Especially, it is going to be filled with unique and interesting material with the symbol of ‘8’, which is the number that means perfect, immortal and rebirth.

Kim Yoo-jung plays the role of the mysterious character ‘Aaran’ which gives a moody atmosphere in the play, and increases the immersion of the drama in a mysterious atmosphere.

JTBC, which last February, performed the role of ‘Gil Osol’ in ‘Let’s get hot clean’ to show a wide range of performances ranging from comic to touching. Another aspect of this is that it raises expectations.

On the other hand, ‘The 8th Night’ will be released in 2020 when it begins full-scale shooting on the 19th.

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