Actor Moon Young succeeded in transforming, and now he is looking forward to a new leap.

Han Soo-yeon, who was introduced at JTBC ‘s Eragak Cha Waikiki 2 (hereafter called Waikiki 2), recently opened at the end of Moon Geul Young’ s first love at the time of the three boys’ school boys, and with the courageous ceremony (Kim Sun – ho) It showed as an annoyance of the early years and it was consensus with viewers. Not only that, but it also attracted attention as the comic acting that the water rises as the episode and the tone of smoke that have been wearing amulet and have been repeated.

Most of all, it was good to Moongyeong that it was a character that is completely opposite to previous works. Until now, Moonjae Young has been showing love affair, heiress, and newborn characters, saying that “Waikiki 2” and Han Soo-yeon are “works and characters that met me at the timing I needed.”

“I was able to show a completely different character after the MBC” Great Tempter “last year,” I was worried about what to do next, and I was able to show a completely different character, “he said,” and I was proud because there was a story that led to empathy. The most sympathetic episode was “I cried while I grew up in a wealthy house and did not even work part-time, and I do not know what I can do well.” “I work as a child and work from a young age, but it is very different from Sui Yeon. It seems like a story with many teenagers and twenties in common.

Did Moon Geul Young experience similar troubles? He said, “I started my childhood in teenagers, I quickly found something I wanted to do rather than my peers,” but I wonder if I can do it well. Do you want to do something? Do you do well? “Many people are worried about others. I had the same problem. ” However, even though “I do not do well, I am happy to work with people in the field, and I am sure that the moment I am confident about the work, I have found the answer to my anxiety quickly.” “It is hard to say that I am good, I want to be in the “I looked at myself.

If the act is ‘what I want to do’, I wondered what Moon Gayoung is doing well. Moon Gyoung, who was born in Germany during his parents’ study abroad and spent his elementary school there, said, “I thought if I had not come to Korea, I would have loved to continue to ballet because I loved it very much in Germany.” After that, “I thought of this by acting, and by chance I had come to my mind when I was talking about my son and if I had not come to Korea. Actually, I was busy adapting to Korea after I came to Korea, and I did not even think about it because I was busy with actor actors. ”

As I grew up in Germany, I have the strength to speak German and English. “There are a lot of people who have skills and organs in the neighborhood, so I think that language is what I can do.” I think it will be a weapon that can be used at least once. ”

“After all,” he said, “an age when an actor must be all-round.” “Thankfully, I learned a lot when I was young. I learned many rituals and learned horseback riding. I still like it, so I’m confident enough to ride with my horse. I also like action, so I went to the action school for about two years. Since my mother studied in Germany with a piano, I am familiar with a musical instrument called a piano. (Foreign student) I learned about flute and violin among aunts. ”
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Actor Moon Young. 2019.05.20. Kang Youngjo reporter
I asked him if he had a role model and he said, “I used to dream about Angelina Jolie. I like Hajwon senior because of my desire to become an actor, and now I like Kate Blanchet. ”

The appearance of the slender beauty of beauty, but I can not help but wait for the next move of Moon Gyoung, who reveals her face. “Every time I buy a diary, I write down clearly what I should do this year on January 1st. I wrote down ‘Two Works’ this year, and after finishing’ Waikiki 2 ‘, I have to do another good work in the second half.’

I have finished my homework and got another homework. This is the actor Moon Geul Young who acted as the heroine Han Soo Yeon in JTBC ‘s’ Worak Cha Cha Waikiki 2′ (Waikiki 2).

Moon Geul Young, who has acted as the heroine Han Soo Yeon in JTBC ‘s “Wrestling Tea Waikiki 2” (hereafter called Waikiki 2), recently moved to the emotional episode for everyone in the society, and laughed with the comedic performance of the water. It was completely transformed from the image.

Moon Kyoung-young said, “I had the homework to do what I did as a next work after the” Great Tempter “(last year MBC). So I thought it was a feeling of finishing my homework while doing ‘Waikiki 2’, but I feel like I got homework again after I finished it. So far I have done what I want to do. I played a role that challenged me more than I could. But now that I’ve been seeking advice from around you, I think you should do what you do well. So I’m trying to find something that works well, I do not know what I can show myself confidently, I think it is time to shake, “he said.
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Who are the people who share these concerns? First of all, referring to Lee Chang-min, director of “Waikiki 2”, Moon said, “I am a bright and well-behaved person, and now I am doing something like that in the age range and it is cold and cold.” Moon Yeong- And Kim Nam-gil.

“I did not learn the acting separately, so I do not have a acting teacher, so I could not talk with other peers, so I was worried about who they were talking to. But now I have some seniors who want to resemble and really love. The first is Kim Sun-hyung, and the second is Kim Nam-gil. It is unilateral affection, and both seniors are more powerful than any mentor. I have a lot to learn, so I will contact you frequently. When I saw my work, she

gave me a heartfelt sincerely. ” Kim Seo Hyung and her mother, Moon Kyoung, said,” My mom was my first daughter. He said, “I am not the age when I have a daughter to be like.” I have a lot of will and I still have a lot of contacts. It seems that the expression of affection is well suited. ”

Kim Nam-gil and I met the acupuncturist and assistant at the TVN ‘MyungByuljeon’, and Mun-ga-young said, “I came out as a tide assistant for the first time. I also had many thoughts about what I would do if I was a senior. I contacted them if I had any clogging, “he said.

It is a facial expression to gain strength because there are seniors who make heart in mind even in careful steps. He laughed, saying, “I am happy to share with them actively.”
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I asked Moon Kyoung Lee how he would like to be remembered to the public with this “Waikiki 2”. He said, “I always aim for Moon Geul Young to do things like that.” “I do not know if ‘Waikiki 2’ was a success, but it seems to be happier to be called a cast name than Moon Geul Young. It seems to be proven that I did well. I am happy to be remembered as Han Su-yeon. ”

In fact, “Red” of SBS ‘Avatar of jealousy’ was more intense in the name of the actors, and before that, there was a kiss of KBS2 ‘royal family’. I want to show a character that goes beyond those names in the future. ”

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