The actor Lee Joo-bin has foreseen a tough response in relation to the unauthorized use of the ID photo.

Lee Joo-bin’s agency, S W. Amp, said in an official position on the morning of the 9th, “I received a letter from Lee Yong-bin, our artist from the court on the 29th of last month, about the fake ID that used Lee’s photo.”

“In the meantime, we have been constantly informed that Lee Ji-bin’s photo is being illegally illegally illegally used on the TOTO site, used trading site, etc. We have been able to resolve the issue with warning and caution, Photo stolen is an obvious defamation of the artist and infringement of publicity rights. ”

“I can not tolerate the unauthorized use of my artist photos for any reason. I feel a lot of sadness and anger at the fact that the ID photos posted on the SNS are used in crimes to communicate with fans,” he said. “Our agency is going to look closely at this issue and review the legal response,” he said.

Lee Joon-bin, who announced his name as a member of the group Rainbow first year, has been able to get a good picture for viewers through SBS drama ‘Whisper’, cable channel OCN ‘trap’ and KBS 2TV ‘ In recent years, as a proof photograph,

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