Star of Hwang Bora released a love story with her sweetheart Hyun Woo.
MBC Everlon ‘Video Star’ broadcasted on the 21st was’ between characters and reality! Featured KAI SIMSHI STEELER ‘, and Hwang Bora, Hwang Chansung, Jung Ian, Shin Seung Hwan, and Yoo Joon appeared on the show. On the day of the 7th year, Hwang Bora revealed his anecdote with his boyfriend Cha Hyun Woo, who has been dating for 7 years. “I feel like I am still in love for seven years and I am still being loved,” she said, “I have never done my laundry before, my boyfriend does it.” “It’s dangerous,” he said. “It’s not dangerous,” he said. MC Kim Sook said, “My boyfriend’s father, actor Kim Yong Gun, gave me clothes.” Hwang Bora said, “I like clothes, so when I go on a trip, my boyfriend does not buy any gifts, so I buy my gifts.” He always keeps his birthday present all the time. In addition, Hwang Bora said, “I have been doing filmmaking with my boyfriend Cha Hyun-woo for the reason of marriage being delayed. Regarding the desired proposal, “I think it is necessary to give the ring. I want to kneel down and have a lot of people and special places.” Hwang Bora also revealed an anecdote with his late actress, Ha Jung Woo. ”

“I do not talk to my boyfriend, we share fun things or drink, because my boyfriend does not like to drink lots of alcohol,” he said. “I laughed.

Actor Hwang Bora referred to his boyfriend Cha Hyun-woo, and his brother Ha Jung-woo was in an alliance and laughed.

Actor Hwang Bo-rao mentioned his boyfriend Cha Hyun-woo in MBC Evergreen Entertainment ‘Video Star’ broadcast on the 21st. It was the youngest son of actor Kim Yong Gun and brother of Ham Jung Woo. Despite being a couple for seven years, Hwang Bora said, “I still feel loved.” He said, “If my clothes are dirty, my brother will wash my hands, and I will not let inductions be dangerous.”

“My family makes me beautiful, especially my father Kim Yong Gun is buying clothes,” he said. “If I go abroad, my son can not buy my clothes. I always buy my clothes, I always give birthday gifts. “He said. Hwang Bora, who is also in talks with his older brother, Ham Jung-woo, said, “It is an alliance with a lot of secrets and negotiations.”

When asked to attend a family event such as a ceremony, MC asked why marriage was delayed. Hwang Bo-ra promoted that his boyfriend, who is making his debut as a director and film director, wants to get married by his own power and will soon release the movies ‘Closette’ and ‘Baekdusan’. When asked if he wanted to propose, Hwang Bo-la said, “I think it should be a ring. I would like you to kneel in many places.” He laughed, saying that he needed music, dance and dress codes.

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