actor Park Jae-min finished his wedding quietly on the 5th.

Park Jae-min posted an article on his SNS on the 6th, starting with a sentence that says, “I am going to write a message to inform the news that the actor is not a Park Jae-min, but a dream that he has made as a man Park Jae-min.”

In the article, Park Jae-min said, “I meet a companion to share my memories and I want to start a new life,” he said. “I just wanted to be small and simple, and greeted my friends, colleagues and acquaintances like this. Thank you for always being strong for me, for supporting me, for filling me up. ”

Park Jae-min is said to have finished his wedding ceremony quietly with friends and relatives on May 5.

“I am so excited that I am able to meet and walk with my life partner. I would like to congratulate you again and I hope you will always be with me. “He also posted a picture of Park Jae – min and the bride together and gave a message of marriage congratulations.

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Hello everyone.

I am writing carefully to let people know that I am dreaming of life as a man Park Jae-min, not actor Park Jae-min.

I am going to meet a companion to share my memories and start a new life. I just wanted to say a few words to my friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Thank you for always helping me, for supporting me, for filling me.

Park Jae-min.

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