Actor Kwak Dong-yun has become the main character of the MBC weekend drama.

As a result of the coverage of the 21st TV report, Kwak Dong-yeon is discussing the MBC weekend drama ‘No two times’ (gaesing, Sung Sook Sook, fan entertainment production) as the male protagonist.

“No two times” is a story of a long stay guest staying in “Paradise Inn” located in Hoam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. From room 1 to room 6, their hometown, age, and gender are different, and they ignite the saying, “There are no two times.”

Gwang Dong-yeon was offered the grandchildren and Ha Ha Jun actresses of the Oriental Hotel Nawang. He majored in business administration at a prestigious university in the United States and is returning to work as head of strategy at the Dongbang Hotel. The words ‘toddler’, ‘hanmooin’, ‘generic poet,’ and ‘form of life’ are expressions of him.

However, he is a son who is the most devoted to his mother. The fantasy of love has long been gone, and a woman who lives in Paradise Inn comes to love him.

Kwak Dong-yeon, who made his debut in 2012 with the title “You Rolled in the Vine”, has been actively involved in appearances such as “The Age of Passion”, “Modern Farmer”, “Gurmigreen Moonlight”, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” It is expanding. He will play his first major role in the “No Two Times” and he hopes he will show him a variety of scenes.

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