‘Abys’ Ahn Hyo-seop – Isaiah, Park Boo Young, fighting spark battle between the spot was caught.

The TVN drama ‘Abyss: Soul resurrection beads’ (directed by Yu Jae Won / drama Moon Soo-yeon, Abyss) is on the 13th, Park Bo Young (Gosei Yeon) – Ahn Hyo Seop (Chin Min) – Ishihon (Park Dong Chul) To the public.

In the second episode of ‘Abys’, Park Bo-young and Ahn Hyo-seop started a full-fledged investigation to catch the killer who killed him. In particular, Park Boo – young realized that his resurrection visual was the same as the previous examiner (already in charge of the case), and he became immersed in the tense full – blown development by approaching criminal criminal Ishian, a former sister of his elder brother, and information on the murder case. This is the situation that exploded viewers’ questions when Park Bo Young-Ahn Hyo-seop-Ishihan’s breathtaking meeting will take place.

In this regard, Steve Park, Boo Young – An Hyo – Seop – Ishihon has a glimpse of the subtle triangle and attracts attention. Especially Ahn Hyo-seop and Ishihan are staring at each other as they struggle against each other, fighting against each other and holding on both arms of Park Bo-young. Furthermore, Ishian is now known as a former girlfriend who still misses Park Bo-young. Park Boo-young stimulates curiosity by foreshadowing his bomb, whether his identity can be completely hidden, or whether his triangular cooperation can be smoothly achieved.

Park Bo-young – Ahn Hyo-seop – Ishihon exploded the breathing of the ‘pumping-up’ smoke together with the full-scale triangular venture. The three men sprang up their enthusiasm in meeting each other’s movement and gaze in the first encounter scene, which was like a lightning in the dry skies. Especially, Park Bo-young-An Hyo-seop laughed at laughter in Ishiyan’s storyline adverb, and forgot about the ambassador, and sat down in his seat. As such, Park, Boo-young, An Hyo-seop, and Ishihan are going to spread the song and thumb together, and the triangular cooperation has already raised the curiosity toward this broadcast.

“Abyss production crew said,” Park Bo Young-An Hyo-seop-Ishihon’s delicate triangle relationship and abdominal auspicious cooperation will give a kick-like fun. “” This is the reason why we must see. I hope you will. ”

On the other hand, ‘Abys’ is a reverse visual fantasy in which two men and women who resurrected as ‘reverse visuals’ with their lifetime through ‘Abyss Soul Blood’ Abyss, chase the killer who killed them, and are broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm .

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