You may be thinking, ‘Another show with a memory loss in the plot? This K-drama can’t be more cliche!’ In reality, Devilish Joy, also known as ‘Devilish Charm,’ is like no other K-dramas you’ve seen before. Choi Jin Hyuk’s character might struggle with memory loss, but he remembers love. Let’s check out what went down at the ‘Devilish Joy’ press conference and see why you should check out the first episode, which came out yesterday if you haven’t already!

1. Devilish Joy is light, bite-sized, and fairytale-like

While explaining what made him star in ‘Devilish Joy,’ the lead actor Choi Jin Hyuk said he’s been a fan of romantic comedies. Plus, “Script is the main determining factor when I choose a drama. My character was honest and super cool. The romance made my heart palpitate, and the melodrama was also fun to film … ‘Devilish Joy’ is light, bite-sized, and fairytale-like.”

2. This drama is so romantic that the lead actress dreams of falling in love just like on screen

Actress Song Ha Yoon chose to star in ‘Devilish Joy’ because she “wanted to love like this drama in real life.”

3. Stars of Tunnel and Fight My Way play a part

Choi Jin Hyuk, who’d been best known as Lee Min Ho’s older brother in Heirs, successfully lead an action thriller ‘Tunnel’ last year. For both Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon, ‘Devilish Joy’ is their first drama since ‘Tunnel’ and ‘Fight My Way,’ respectively.

4. ‘Devilish Joy’ is a pure Cinderella fantasy

Unlike some dramas that are equal parts reality and fantasy, ‘Devilish Joy’ is a pure Cinderella fantasy, according to Producer Kim Ga Ram: “This drama isn’t based on reality. In a way, it’s a pure Cinderella fantasy. But in that fantasy, you’ll have a chance to ponder what love means.”

5. It’s based on a well-written script

If three out of four actors mention how much they liked the script, then you know it’s a well-written one. In addition to what Jin Hyuk said above, Lee Ho Won, who plays the second in line to the CEO position at Sun Woo group of companies, said he had “so much fun” reading the first 10 episodes. Just like the former Infinite member, the former After School member Lee Joo Yeon also had fun reading the script. “Each character was so attractive and sounded as if they were alive,” she said.

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