Jae Soo Bin, who is actively working as a ‘passionate temple’ in ‘The Star of the Foxes’, captures the attention of viewers through the sympathy induction method.

Chae Suebin is in the midst of an ordinary first year temple midsummer who wants to live a special life in the SBS drama ‘Fox Gates’, and is shaking the mind of ‘Elite new employee’ Lee Su-yeon without any reason. Above all, I will look at BEST 5, “Effort + Passion”, which is a midsummer bombing with a unique charm and charm, along with the aspect of ‘Insa,’ which goes well with many people at the airport corporation.

1. “Whatever happens, if we don’t make an effort, nothing will happen!”

“In the second hour of the” Woo Gyoung-shi “, the midsummer (Chae Suebin) found the abandoned metal in the airport trash can and reported it to Ahn Sang-woo. I was obsessed with. To Lee Soo-yeon, who pointed out the order of work, Midsummer said, “I have to praise and admit that I am raising the number of things randomly, and die no matter what.” Moreover, Lee Soo-yeon’s question, “Why do you have to do that?” Was a midsummer saying, “If you do not do that before, nobody knows, and that’s because you are treated like that.” I have just announced the appearance of a unique character by expressing a desperate desire to get out of life.

2. “It’s true that I do provide service, but I do not serve my personality.”

Lee Su-yeon, who has a lot of mistakes compared to his passion, advised, “Why do not you just sort out words you do not want to hear?” Lee Seo-yeon was stabbed to death, and in the midst of a “waking up” summer, she went to apologize to the daughter of a member of parliament who was caught in a customs house. She said, “Please apologize. “It is right to provide friendly service for the convenience of passengers, but it does not serve my personality. Inside the restroom, the passenger made a mistake. Please apologize! ” Passenger service team leader Yang Jae-gun (Kim Ji-soo) ‘s cada in response to the heart of the banged up, revealed the real change in the scene.

3. “The person who has to always answer…It hurts every time.”

Lee Soo-yeon, who opened his mind to summer without knowing himself, confessed frankly that he could not feel the pain in his right arm through the ‘ However, since Lee Soo-yeon’s shock statement, Midsummer treated Lee Soo-yeon as usual, and Lee Soo-yeon first said, “Why do not you ask me anything? I’m curious about my hand. ” This summer, “Lee Soo-yeon had already answered the question tens of thousands of times. People are asking for the curiosity that goes by, but every time you have to answer … Every time it hurts, “he replied maturely, stealing Lee Soo-yeon’s mind.

4. “Three collar grabs, seven crude curses, two spinning kicks…They did all of that.”

The ‘tattoo gangs’ who operate the illegal call van company came to the T2 (Incheon Airport Terminal 2) office and began to lie down on the floor saying, “Please release the valet service.” The midsummer came to the office and greeted with greetings and greeted with a greeting. He mentioned the days of “human bomb” to the head of the passenger service team (Ahn Sang Woo) who wondered about the whole thing. So, it was all these people, “he answered clearly and laughed. Moreover, the ‘tattoo gangs’ were also saying, “It was not a joke! We were very popular on our side, “he said,

5. “You can get hurt just by people looking at you…You don’t know that, do you, Lee Soo Yeon?”
Due to the twisted moving schedule, the middle of the night at Lee Su-yeon’s house fell into a grim situation when he met Na Young-ju (Lee Soo-kyung) in front of the early morning house. “I do not know what to do,” he said. I do not know Lee Su-yeon temple? “Lee Soo-yeon was deeply sympathetic. The summer season was like “I have been living with such a family for a while. I do not want to have such a gaze from my workplace. “In contrast to the bright smile that I always smile, I was wondering if there was a” sick past “.

The production team said, “It is not only Lee Soon-yeon, but also the viewers who are attracted to the audience as well as Lee Soon-yeon, who is moving the mind of the other person with energy full of passion and excellent empathy ability.” ” It is good to expect the latter half of the unusual summer season. ”

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