Korea’s leading beauty brand, launches a new concept beauty art that combines broadcast and YouTube in the on-style.

On Style ‘NeXT Beauty Creators’ is an entertainment program where seven beauty influencers who have potential and personality in their field challenge Beauty Content Race. Seven contestants plan to make their own YouTube channel, and each week they plan, produce and release one piece of content. Their content will be evaluated as viewers and subscribers only, and the one who has won the top position in the competition will be born as NeXT Beauty Creator.

It is expected to be a program that leads the beauty trend by linking the latest industry trends that the popular interest is shifting to the influx language rather than the product itself, while the on-style style is good and confident.

MC is’ Hussein (superstar stylist) Han Hye-yeon. Han Hye-yeon keeps the center of the program with insights that go beyond fashion and beauty, and a frank and ridiculous rumor. The seven-actresses were packed into a lineup of influenza letters for a variety of ages, including idols, models, and SNS hot-sellers.

Jang Eun-hong, a model that collects topics on “Your voice is in the show 6”, is a model that boasts the topic and power in SNS. Lee Hye-ju, Park Ki-lim, Lily Young Ten Preliminary Influx Secrets Miss Beauty jumps into beauty content race. Every time Star Beauty creators appear as guests, they will add professional coaching.

MC Han Hye Yeon and Star Beauty creators analyze the content of seven people, bring out personality and charm, and deliver various stories to content creation tips. Seven NeXT Beauty Creators candidates will upload their content to their YouTube channel at 5 pm on the 9th and begin the race. They are expected to show real-time reactions, communicate and reflect vivid and live beauty contents.

Lee Sang-ho, who directed the program, said, “It is a program that challenges new challenges in the beauty market where beauty style is changing. It will be made to match the digital target audience enjoying beauty contents online and on mobile. Beauty Influencers as well as appear in the audience will be able to show more colorful content, “he said.

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