‘However, one love “finally take off the veil.

KBS 2TV new drama ‘Dan, one love’ (play Choi Yoon-kyo, director Lee Jung-seop) will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on this day (22nd). ‘Dahn, one love’ that draws the story of an angel who thinks of ballerina and cupid who do not believe in love. I looked at the watch points where I could enjoy the first broadcast more enjoyably.

◆ New fantasy, this time angel

“If theangel whothought he lived only in the heavenly world is actually living with humans?”. In “One Love,” the world of angels is unfolding to stimulate our fantasy. Among the angels, the missions performed by the angel wing angel Dan (Kim Myung-soo) to return to the sky convey special fun to the viewers. The mission is to find love for the cold girl, Dee Sun (Shin Hye Sun). The story of an angel melted into the human world. The magic of fantasy that makes forgetful reality begins.

◆ Feast of Ballet to Embroider the Theater The

Dance, ‘One Love’ is the first domestic ballet drama in which former and current dancers participate. Therefore, it is going to present a feast of dance that was not easily seen in the theater. To this end, actors including Shin Hye Sun and dancers showed their passion for ballet practice by sweating for 120 days. The production team, before the first broadcast teaser,

◆ A miraculous romance to tell the joy of life

“But one love” comes to the audience with a warm story that best fits this spring. An angel who came to the ballerina deceased who lost the meaning of life as a miracle. In the drama, a cold-hearted woman and an immature and irreverent angel meet together and draw a romance where each other is saved. The process is expected to capture my home theater with a sense of excitement, joy and tension.

◆ Shin Hye-seon Kim Myung-su Lee Dong Gun Kim Bo-mi,

the charms and combinations of actors who will perform hot-hot in the center of a different union play are also different. Shin Hye-seon, who emerged as an anime theater box-office queen, anticipates the transformation of a bulky ballerina and raises her expectations. Kim Myung-soo shows the acting ability to grow each piece. Lee Jung-geun’s role as artistic supervisor of ballet, and firmly holds the center of the drama based on solid performance. Dance and the actor Kim Bomi attracts attention as the gold Nina. An ensemble of actors with different charms will fill the drama.

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