‘Dah, one love’ believes that the actor Shin Hyesun is making the best scenery is by far the best.

KBS 2TV drama ‘Dang, One Love’ keeps the first place of the weekly mini series drama as well as the first place of the drama with romance that stimulates beautiful ballet and fantasy. At the center is Shin Hye-sun, an actor who makes every scene a beautiful scene.

Shin Hye-sun is not only an emotional actor who takes on the role of a ballerina deceit in “Dahn, One Love”, but also a ballet that offers romantic and sophisticated romance and blissfulness. It draws a dense, without missing one thing, to increase the immersion of viewers. Let’s take a look at the scenes created by Shin Hye-sun, who makes viewers laugh and cry around here.

◆ Emotional smoldering explosion,

3 ~ 4 times in the face of a sudden death, the secretary was like a family secretary Cho Seung-wan (Jang Hyun Sung) was shocked to death. Lee Yeon-seo laughed and cried at the funeral of Cho Seung-wan, who said he wanted to see his bright smile before he died. Her tight acting ability, smiling with a sad-eyed pupil, left a big impact on viewers.

In addition, she returns to her house and recollectes memories of Cho Seung-wan and her pussy is drenched into the sea of ​​tears to the anbang theater. I feel sad and depressed and emotional.

◆ A romance that can not help falling in love

Shin Hyesun is delicately drawing the appearance of Lee Eun-seo, who was standing in a prickly position, and making his audience feel dizzy. Especially in the 9th ~ 10th times, I thought “I like you. “Do you like me?” The scene of confirming the mind with a stone fastball made the hearts of the viewers fall.

In the 11th ~ 12th sessions, De Lee ‘s portrait was taken up by Dan, and he was cute. Shin Hye-sun tears her tears and says, “Why do not you like me?” This act of Shin Hye-sun, who provoked sympathy, tapped viewers’ hearts.

◆ Efforts to

shine after the ecstasy of ballet Shin Hye-sun has transformed the ballerina into perfect harmony. The ballet scenes with her intense efforts are raising the perfection of the drama. In particular, the scenes where Shin Hye Sun plays the ballet on the 10th ending beach stage immediately led to a hot reaction to the real-time search for ‘Shin Hye-sun Ballet’.

As such, Shin HyeSoon adds depth to ‘Dahn, One Love’ as acting power to soften the hearts of viewers calmly or strongly. It is hoped that Shinhyeon ‘s accomplishment, which fulfills the perfection of “Dah, a Love”, will give her a fine acting ability that will shine even under any circumstances.

On the other hand, KBS 2TV drama ‘Dang, One Love’, which Shin Hae-sun, an actor who believes and believes, pours out her extraordinary efforts and enthusiasm, is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm.

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