A full-fledged virtuous romance will be broadcasted for the first time on her 10th day of ‘Personal Life’, which will guide viewers to the world of virtue in 2019.

The first TVN broadcasted on the 10th, TVN new drama ‘Her Private Life’ (directed by Hong Jong-chan / dramatic Kim Hyeyoung / original sang fan / co-produced factory, studio dragon) is a perfect curator at work, (Kim Jae-wook), a romance with full-fledged charisma that meets with Chancellor Ryan (Kim Jae-wook), stimulating anticipation with the return of Rocco goddess Park Min-young and the first rookie of Kim Jae- Especially, Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook are enthusiastic and proud of their romantic romance. I will summarize the ‘her private life’ virtue points that will let viewers fall into the world of auto-virtue.

● LoKo goddess Park Min-young – Kim Jae-wook, a female captor of the Korean drama “Visual + acting power”!

The meeting between Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook, who are responsible for ‘eye welfare’ of viewers through visual and acting skills, is raising expectations about her privacy. Park Min-young plays “Seongdeokmi”, a curator of art museum and a perfect dual life going through professional idol virtue. On the other hand, it is stylish and will catch the hearts of viewers by showing cute charm. Kim Jae-wook shivers up the clowns who see him as a comic charm in an unexpected disintegration with a brilliant genius director ‘Ryan’ who has just begun to devour himself. Especially, Ryan’s unexpected change of mind, which is to “virtue” SungDeKyun, is expected to cause the clowns of viewers to rise to the sky.

In addition, it exposes an explosive chemistry to both men and women, and encourages the explosion synergy of the two people called “KIMSHIN”. If you meet a visual chemistry that stands just beside you, and a breathtaking double life chemistry that makes your heart pound, the two chemists of the burning will automatically win your favor.

● “No lock-up revolving door charm” The role of a starring charm! Pleasant and vigorous character play!

The actress with her ‘private life’ charm potion and the actress who believes and plays the role will be in charge of ‘revolving door charm’ which helps viewers and prevents the buzz. (Sindy), Kim Mi-kyung (Ko Young-su), and Sang Sang-hun (Sung Geun-ho) as well as Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook as well as Ahn Boo-hyun , And Kim Sun-young (Umm Hye-in).

Especially, Park Hyun-young’s childhood friend, who is the director of the director who has a crush on him, has the charm of ‘Nam-Chin’ to show his emotions, and Park Jin-joo, who is a virtuous mate of Park Min-young, ‘Seems to give a pleasant smile. In addition, Kim Mi-kyung and Sang Sang-hoon foray Park Min-young to postpone their parents who have handed over DNA to Deok-hoo, and show off their unique family. In addition to this, Kim Sun-young’s interest in intense visual transformation is also attracting attention. There is an explosion of charm explosion characters that actors will show up in the smoke.

● Uncle Jikseong Deokdul ‘devil romance’ called! ‘Curiosity stimulation + honey jam explosion’

‘Her personal life’ foretells the birth of ‘authentic virtue romance’, which is based on the material called ‘virtue’. The romance and the virtuous life that spread with the double life of Seongdeok beauty which can not but do the ecology ‘pro idol dukfu’ offer the breathtaking thrill and the honey mama.

It seems to stimulate curiosity and help understanding, and at the same time, Seongdeok Mi-Ryan, who thought it was a ghastly affair with each other, is going to make the hearts of those who watch each other’s heartbreak. I will find myself who has fallen into this without knowing me and become ‘the true virtue of’ her private life.

tvN A new drama ‘her private life’ will be broadcasted at 9:30 pm on the 10th.

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