‘Please enter a search term WWW’ unveiled a comprehensive notice. A preview image of 30 seconds capturing attention at a glance raises the thrill to the first broadcast vertically.

On June 5, the first TVN new drama “Enter your search terms WWW” (hereafter “goble-yu”) is a portal site leading to trends, men’s real romance that shakes their hearts and women who work in the pride. As the new video is released, the expectation for the character of many other battamis (Lim Soo Jung), Park Morgan (Long Yong), Cha Hyun (Ida Hee) and Song Gak Kyung (Jeon Hyejin) I looked at three charms.

#One. The search window, “Fresh material”, which looks more than my window,

“Our unicorn” manipulates the real-time query. ” This is a big question to ask why Batami, the general manager of the service strategy department of the portal industry No.1 ‘Unicorn’, is seated in the witness stand, behind the unpredictable portal site.

At the same time, I am more curious about how fresh materials called portal sites, which have not been covered in the drama, will be released in the future, although they are seen more than in my window.

#2. Very many other ‘intense characters’

I wake up in the morning and grab my head for a hangover last night, but when I go to work, I am perfectly sexy. Park Morgan proud of his lips and smiles on his shirt. I walked through the hospital corridor with an angry look and chastened someone coolly in the elevator. Song Kyeong-gyeong, who drank alcohol with deeply troubled eyes, and reveals a heavy presence with only the backward view of walking. Those who have a solid character color in a short time are incomparable, making the first broadcast of “Goble Yoo” more fun and special.

# 3. ‘Imam Chung Yong’ s ‘Real Romance’

Park Morgan, who grabs the battamie from behind and wipes her bloated lipstick carefully by hand. In front of the work, he is colder than anyone else, but I can not hide his surprise in his caring and affectionate mind. The real nostalgia of the nose with the nose tickling just by looking at each other on the streets where the petals are scattered.

Meanwhile, ‘Enter your search WWW’ will be broadcasted at 9:30 pm on June 5, followed by tvN ‘her private life’.

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