‘Please enter a search term WWW’ tvN new drama (a play gwondoeun, directing jeongjihyeon, gwonyoungil, making Tuesday aendam Pictures, the “Sword beulyu ‘) is a portal leading the trend, the women proudly work in it And the real romance of men who shake their hearts. Before the airing, it was curiosity with the trailer release alone, and it made the first broadcast wait. Before the first broadcast, I watched the watch point of ‘Gobbleu’, which is called the channel fixation of viewers.

#One. Trendy actor X Attractive character

‘Goble Yoo’ has a topic from the casting stage with the encounter of Lim Hyun-jung, Hea-yong, Hea-hee and Jeon Hye-jin. Lim Chae-jung of Batami Station, a genius composer who makes game music, and the ‘charm of straight man without a slippery’, turns out to be a ‘ Long term use. And he is a director of ‘Dae Hee’ who plays Cha Seon Hyun, a drama fanatic who needs anger control, and a director of ‘Unicorn’, who is the social general manager of the second largest portal site in the industry, and Jeon Hye-jin And one of the most charming characters and trendy actors will meet to unleash a unique charm.

#2. Differentiated material X Sensible image

‘Hyungbyeol’ is different from the portal industry, which was not covered in any dramas in the past, and the fresh material called real-time search words. Like the main copy of the drama, “Our day begins with search and ends with search,” we are living in an era in which we start with the smartphone at the beginning and end of the day and look at the search box of the portal site more than the window of my room. The veil-laden portal industry is in full swing. In addition, the highlights that were unveiled on the 29th have attracted the attention of drama fans with sensational and sophisticated production, exploding the expectation of the first broadcast. Fresh and differentiated materials and sensuous images that will delight the eyes and ears will deeply enthrall the audience’s theater because of the immersive feeling.

# 3. Empathy Stimulus Reality X Dramatic Development

Dealing with the stories of professional women’s work and love, “Goble Yoo” harmonizes the dramatic development with the stimulating reality and fiction. Kwon Do, who wrote the ‘Gobble Yoo’, is based on the portal’s industry-wide mechanism and a thorough investigation of the 2040 workplace women. Based on a variety of events in the portal industry and real romance to stimulate the midsummer night The interesting thing is that you have drawn it. The production crew said, “I would like to ask for your attention and expectation for the first broadcast of ‘Gobbleu’, which will simultaneously stimulate empathy and romance of viewers.”

On the other hand, ‘Gobbleu’ co-produced ‘Sean Shine’ co-directed by Jung Hyun, and Kim Eun-sook’s assistant writer Kwon Doo coincided with the author. ‘And lonely, god-dokkaebi’ and ‘Sean Shine’ and TVAnn Pictures, who has made the best TV commercials, will be produced.

tvN ‘Sobyeol’ Today (5th) at 9:30 pm the first broadcast.

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